Musée Bolo owns one of the most extensive collection of machines and objects related to information technology and its brief history.

Musée Bolo is managed by the foundation Mémoires Informatiques, a recognized public-interest organization. An association of friends contribute dynamically and efficiently to the maintenance and preservation of the museum’s machines. All are volunteers. Member of the Swiss Museums Association (AMS), Musée Bolo rose to be one of the most important computer museums in Europe. Hosted by the Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), its presence extends itself today well across the swiss borders, not only to computer lovers, but also to a greater and younger audience faced daily with computing technology and its avatars.

Temporary Exhibition

#003 – Seymour Cray, the Superman of supercomputers

To be discovered on Friday 16 December 2022.

The Cray X-MP/48, once used at CERN, as well as the Cray-1S, the first Cray supercomputer installed in Switzerland at the EPFL Computing Center, have joined Musée Bolo next to the Cray-2 and the Cray T3D…


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#003 – Seymour Cray,
the Superman of supercomputers
To be discovered on Friday 16 December 2022

Temporary exhibit

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Logitech is 40 years old!

Founded on October 2, 1981 to develop word processing software, Logitech immediately became interested in the mouse developed at EPFL and began producing mice a year later.

The Musée Bolo has a copy of Doug Engelbart’s original mouse (1968) and preserves prototypes of EPFL mice from 1972 to 1978 and the famous Guignard mouse (1980), subcontracted to Dépraz SA and redeveloped by Logitech.

© LAMI souris
© Musee_Bolo - Souris 4 Dépraz
© Anne-Sylvie Weinmann
© Musée Bolo Engelbarth

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To discover the portrait of André Guignard, the watchmaker who invented the hemispheric mouse, a colorful link in the human-machine epic.

By Anne-Sylvie Weinmann, lawyer and data scientist


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