Musée Bolo owns one of the most extensive collection of machines and objects related to information technology and its brief history.

Musée Bolo is managed by the foundation Mémoires Informatiques, a recognized public-interest organization. An association of friends contribute dynamically and efficiently to the maintenance and preservation of the museum’s machines. All are volunteers. Member of the Swiss Museums Association (AMS), Musée Bolo rose to be one of the most important computer museums in Europe. Hosted by the Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), its presence extends itself today well across the swiss borders, not only to computer lovers, but also to a greater and younger audience faced daily with computing technology and its avatars.

Restoration ofCRAY supercomputers

On 26 August 2022, the CRAY X-MP/48, which was used at CERN a few years ago, and the CRAY-1S, the first CRAY supercomputer in Switzerland, joined the Musée Bolo, together with the CRAY-2 and the CRAY T3D.

These pieces have an important historical value in Switzerland and in the world. They are the ancestors of our microcomputers. But what are the stories and anecdotes behind these supercomputers? That’s what Musée Bolo wants its visitors to discover.

Help us to showcase these rare pieces and their history

This project is close to our hearts! Help us showcase these incredible machines with their unique design and tell their story.

Musée Bolo is seeking funding for the restoration of these two supercomputers. Some parts of these CRAYs need to be fully restored and cleaned by professionals.

Participating in this project means showing that this digital heritage has its place in Switzerland’s cultural heritage. It means teaching visitors that inside their mobile phones, there are also stories to tell: about research, science, mathematics and above all about people… about brilliant inventors.

The history of computing is still not very visible in school textbooks, yet it is hidden almost everywhere (smartphone, desktop computer, online shopping, etc.). Everyday objects and actions that are so present in our lives, that we sometimes tend to forget their importance and history.

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Logitech is 40 years old!

Founded on October 2, 1981 to develop word processing software, Logitech immediately became interested in the mouse developed at EPFL and began producing mice a year later.

The Musée Bolo has a copy of Doug Engelbart’s original mouse (1968) and preserves prototypes of EPFL mice from 1972 to 1978 and the famous Guignard mouse (1980), subcontracted to Dépraz SA and redeveloped by Logitech.

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© Musée Bolo Engelbarth

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To discover the portrait of André Guignard, the watchmaker who invented the hemispheric mouse, a colorful link in the human-machine epic.

By Anne-Sylvie Weinmann, lawyer and data scientist


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