The foundation

The foundation Mémoires Informatiques works for the preservation of computer-related heritage.

Created on 9 March 2007 by Swiss Computer science enthusiasts and pioneers, the foundation Mémoires Informatiques aims to preserve and enhance the value of the computer heritage. The foundation manages Musée Bolo, the search for sponsors and support to setting up museum’s projects.

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Function Member
President Cédric Gaudin
Treasurer Julien Pilet
Members Yves Bolognini
Vincent Keller
Rafael Corvalán
Alwin Dieperink

Founding Members

Yves Bolognini

Computer Science Engineer EPFL.

He has been collecting old computers since 1995. In 2001, he founded Musée Bolo.

Initiator of the foundation, he is its president.

Edouard Forler

Computer Science Engineer EPFL.

Specialist in embedded architectures, he is co-founder of Musée Bolo.

Niklaus Wirth

Honorary Professor of the ETHZ
and a specialist in programming languages.

He is the inventor of the Pascal language and the Lilith workstation, rich in innovative concepts.

Jean-Daniel Nicoud

Physics engineer,
honorary professor at EPFL.

He was head of the microcomputing laboratory (LAMI). He is the inventor, in the mid-70s, of the Dauphin didactic microcomputer and the Smaky computer series.

He is at the origin of the development of the first mice.

Daniel Mange

Electrical engineer,
honorary professor at EPFL.

He was head of the Logic Systems Laboratory (LSL). He is the creator of the concept of magiciel, or transformation technique hardware-software. He is the pioneer of computer machines bio-inspired, capable of self-replication and self-repair.

Jean-Marie Rouiller

Electronic engineer.

He took part in the development of the Smaky, the Swiss microcomputer of the the 1970s, as well as the teaching systems related to the microcomputers.

Marielle Stamm

Pioneer of the Computing press in Switzerland.

Founder of the newspapers 01 Informatique Suisse (1980-1981), Informatique & Bureautique, L’hebdo romand de l’informatique (1982-1991), IB Magazine (1992-1993).

Preserve and enhance the computer heritage