Permanent exhibition

Some eighty machines and emblematic objects illustrate the history of computer science. This is a very small sample among the thousands of pieces in the Musée Bolo’s collections.

The selection is deliberately random and in no particular order. The machines and associated objects have been chosen according to their importance or rarity.

Some computers are very well known such as the ZX-81 from Sinclair Research, others are very imposing and very rare such as the CRAY 2 supercomputers manufactured in only 29 copies.

The museum also possesses a large and unique collection of Swiss creations. Such as the Lilith workstation – of which very few copies remain – created at the Zurich Polytechnic School and for which one of the first mice was developed at the Lausanne Polytechnic School.

Nostalgics of all ages will also be pleased to find Commodore’s PET, an emblematic microcomputer from the 1970s, or Digital Equipment’s PDP-11, one of the fans’ favourite machines from the previous decade.

Whether it is a computer of Croatian origin or French video games, the objects in Musée Bolo never cease to amaze by their diversity, originality or rarity.

The “Smaky” family of microcomputers from French-speaking Switzerland, from the first to the last, completes this selection.


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