Programmed Disappearance

Why the computer’s disappearance?

Because it has become tiny, immaterial, camouflaged, hybridized, humanized, the computer is constantly being forgotten and disappearing, a disappearance announced, programmed since its beginnings, since its origins. But also because, paradoxically, it has never been so present in a world where computers are everywhere and nowhere, where humans are now connected to the whole planet without being aware of it.

Why an investigation?

Because a simple chronological analysis is insufficient to explain the phenomenon. Because the evolution of computer science requires us to revisit its history by following several paths. Because by borrowing a vocabulary far removed from technique, and worthy of the best detective stories, witnesses, suspects, clues, evidence, elements of investigation, the directors of this disappearance introduce an element of suspense conducive to a playful visit to the objects on display.

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Five paths

The visitor is invited to explore five different paths:

Computers have become minuscule

information technology is becoming dematerialised

computers are now just a memory

the computer is slipping away

the computer thinks it’s human

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A playful and non-chronological investigation