The collections

Featuring several thousand computers, peripherals, accessories, computer objects and software, newspapers, magazines, books and tutorials, the collections have been assembled for more than twenty years by Yves Bolognini, the museum’s founder.

Some of these pieces are unique in Europe. The Swiss computer industry, which flourished in the early days of the microcomputer boom, is particularly well represented here. A very important collection of games and video consoles is also included in the catalogue. In addition, large machines (supercomputers from the 80s and 90s, IBM Blue Gene and Cray) are also Musée Bolo’s pride. All these objects will be shown in alternation in future exhibitions.

In 2009, Yves Bolognini donated his collections to the foundation Mémoires Informatiques, which manages the Museum. Proposals for donations from collectors from all over Europe are pouring in, and these new acquisitions are constantly enriching the collection. The Museum is seeking to increase its storage space to accommodate them.

A unique collection in Europe