Temporary exhibition

Seymour Cray, the Superman of supercomputers

To be discovered until 29.03.2024

The Cray X-MP/48, once used at CERN, as well as the Cray-1S, the first Cray supercomputer installed in Switzerland at the EPFL Computing Center, have joined Musée Bolo next to the Cray-2 and the Cray T3D.

These pieces have an important historical value in Switzerland and in the world. They are the ancestors of our microcomputers… Today, we all have a smartphone in our pocket that has a computing power equivalent or even superior to these machines. But what is the story behind this small screen, behind its memories and processors? What is the link between these two machines? What are the anecdotes linked to these objects? This is what Musée Bolo wants its visitors to discover.

These incredible and uniquely designed machines have been restored, thanks to the precious support of our partners and sponsors. A temporary exhibition that highlights the history of the CRAY supercomputer and its genius inventor, Seymour Cray.

Restoration work

  • Ordered the original fabric in the United States from the company Naugahyde
  • Replacement of the foam and leatherette for the 4 placets
  • Cleaning of the plexiglas
  • Cleaning the leatherette of the upper structure (exterior/interior)
  • Cleaning of the metal structure

The restorers

Désirée Knüsel
Atelier Formwerkstatt

Noémie Nydegger
Technical expert

With the participation of Naugahyde, official supplier of CRAY, for the research and selection of fabrics

Main Partners

Media Partner


Musée Bolo
Bâtiment INF – Faculté Informatique & Communications de l’EPFL – Niveau 0 (INF 094.7)
Station 14 – 1015 Lausanne – Suisse

Exhibition accessible from 8am – 7pm.
Monday to Friday.
Free admission.