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Become a VIP and accumulate BoloCoins

Anyone can now become a VIP and accumulate BoloCoins. The support subscription provides financial assistance to the museum on a regular basis. There is also the possibility of making a one-off donation. For every CHF 10 donated to the museum, you will receive 1 BoloCoin. Thanks to the BoloCoins you have accumulated in this way, you will have a choice of rewards to choose from. The list is available in the reward catalogue. For example, a donation of CHF 500.- entitles you to 50 BoloCoins, with which you can take a guided tour of the museum reserves. BoloCoins are valid for 5 years.


Help us by making a monthly or one-time donation and collect BoloCoins.

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You can make a one-time or monthly donation by credit card, or a transfer to our bank account.

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Every donation counts!