The association

The aim of the association “Les Amis du Musée Bolo” is to preserve material and documentation related to the history of computer science and to bring back to life these precious witnesses of the past.

Its members are committed to promoting Musée Bolo’s collections of old computers.

Every week the friends, all computer enthusiasts, get together to prepare events around the Museum, and to restore and restart the machines.

The association works in close collaboration with the foundation Mémoires Informatiques.

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The committee

Function Member
President Cédric Gaudin
Vice-president Daniela Perren
Treasurer Varen Casoli
Secretary Jonathan Masur


  • Repair of machines that have been silent for many years
  • Backup and recovery of data stored on all types of media
  • Guided tours of the museum
  • Animations during the Night of the Museums, Numerik Games, etc..
  • Identical reconstruction of epic machines such as the Apple I


Public events

The flagship event is the Night of the Museums of Lausanne, which takes place every year at the end of September. It is on this occasion that you will be able to discover a large number of functional machines, with various animations.

We also participate in many other events.

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Guided tours of the museum

Discover Programmed Disappareance, an original, provocative and playful exhibition that tells the story of computer science in a different way. Visitors are invited to explore this history via different paths: computers have become tiny, they are dematerialised, they are humanised…

They will also discover numerous models of one of the symbols of Swiss computing, the Smaky computer. Guided tours are organized on request by the association “Les Amis du Musée Bolo”.

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